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Métro Léger Tramway

Métro Léger Tramway –aside from buses, this is the other main means of transportation in Tunis. There are currently five tram lines that run throughout Tunis (47 stations). Fares vary according to distance. See the following website for updated fares: http://www.transtu.tn/fr/tarif/0007-0001-ticket-bus-et-metro


Da Franco

Da Franco (Avenue de Nevers, Hammamet) — You won’t go hungry at Da Franco – they juggle a range of cuisines, including Mediterranean, Italian, and of course, Tunisian. It may be more expensive than average, but it’s also lesser known in Hammamet, so you won’t be confronted by the chaos that often finds its way into […]


Dar El Jeld

Dar El Jeld (5 rue Dar El Jeld, La Kasbah, Tunis) — this restaurant is a veritable museum of beautiful tiled walls, ornate wrought iron railings and a fine collection of Ottoman carpets rolled out across the floors, all echoing the regal ambience of the original 18th century mansion, which was transformed into a restaurant in […]



Essaraya (6 Rue Ben Mahmoud, Boulevard Bab Menara, Tunis) — t is not easy to find this restaurant, a sumptuous restored palace hidden in the Medina’s labyrinth of souks. So it is opportune to come across a man clad in traditional attire and bearing a lantern waiting to guide clients to the restaurant’s entrance that opens into […]


Cubana Cafe

Cubana Cafe (3 Passage du Lac Edward, Les Berges du Lac, Tunis) — For those who love salsa, mojito and a Latin ambiance, the Cubana Café is the perfect venue to meet up. A restaurant with delicious quesadillas during the day, it changes into a hot and sweaty salsa café at night, with regular life performances […]


Barberousse Beach Club

Barberousse Beach Club (Avenue Barberousse, Plage Yasmine Hammamet, Hammamet 8050) – located in this city’s historic district, this seafood restaurant takes advantage of its beach side views to draw in diners. Diners can order couscous with lamb, pasta with shrimp, spaghetti with clams, and grilled fish. The favorite dessert here is lemon sorbetto. This restaurant […]